Our History

Joe Diaz’s love for fireworks began at an early age in his hometown of Goodland, Kansas and turned into a lifelong passion. It wasn’t long before Joe had his own fireworks stand at the age of 12, constructed from an old 4 X 8 structure held together with bailing wire and hope. By the time Joe was finishing high school, the one rickety stand had grown to almost a dozen fireworks stands with more to come. In addition to owning and operating fireworks stands, Joe loved to participate as a crew member with the local fire department in shooting large public displays. It was here he learned to enjoy this side of pyrotechnics as well.Joe’s business continued to grow through college and after, but with the focus changing to the production of public displays. In 1992, Joe teamed up with Sharon in both marriage and business (Sharon claims entering the business was self-defense since Joe was so passionate about it, but the “pyro bug” seems to have hit her as well) and both continued to develop and expand throughout the 1990’s. Regulations, equipment, and the nature of the fireworks business evolved during these years and Joe and Sharon’s business evolved with the industry.

In 1995, Tri-State Fireworks was incorporated as a full-service pyrotechnics company providing both indoor and outdoor pyrotechnics to suit a wide variety of venues including rooftops in downtown areas, rural and suburban outdoor displays, professional sporting events and indoor arenas. Gone are the early days when Joe used a fusee to hand-light shells: the company now uses state-of-the-art computerized electronic firing systems to conduct fully-choreographed and pyromusical displays. Joe and Sharon are still very much hands-on in the business, but now lead a growing crew of dedicated and well-trained licensed pyrotechnicians and assistants who like nothing better than to produce pyrotechnics displays that are enjoyed by thousands of people. Fireworks stands are still a part of the business, bringing consumer fireworks to young and old alike, although the emphasis is now on pyrotechnic displays.

Although the fireworks industry has changed and Tri-State Fireworks continues to grow with the industry, one thing has not changed at all. Joe Diaz started with a love and passion for fireworks as a young boy in Goodland, Kansas: this continues in him today and is shared by everyone he touches. He dreams of producing the most beautiful fireworks productions and he enjoys nothing more than watching and listening to the crowd oohing and ahhing as his dreams create a little piece of magic for them.